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Loved it.

The animation and music seemed to fit together perfectly. That overall sense of disarray and chaos. It was brilliant.

I'd love to see more of this, and I can say I was a bit disappointed at the end. It ended abruptly, and it left me with a feeling of wanting more. Perhaps this was your original intent, though?

I loved the use of minimalism in this piece, as well. It really helped to emphasize on each individual aspect of the flash. It really did convey the feeling of frustration and anxiety. It really struck a chord for me, which is sometimes difficult for a flash animation to do. I did notice the Muse reference, as well.

It was artfully created, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is in definite need of recognition.

Mechabloby responds:

Oh, thanks for the beautiful review. :')

I'm glad you enjoyed it and since this is my first piece like this, I'm sure to improve and make more like this in the future. :)

As again, thanks for the lovely review and I hope you get to see my future experiments.

Was ok

I thought it was really good. I liked the song, it seemed to fit what was going on. I think it would be better if you had perhaps put a background and some color in. But overall I liked it a lot, and I also liked the moral of it.

Wasn't bad

For a first flash, this shows major potential. The drawings were fairly good, but I would like to see you fix up the coloring a bit. It seemed that you started very well and when you got to the color, you kind of just threw it all together very quickly. Some of the animations were a bit rough, but it was good for a first try. There is definitely room for improvement, however, so keep at it!

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I haven't seen too many flash games quite like this before. I personally thought it was enjoyable once I got a hang of the steering. Also I think you need to add alot more to the environment, such as a more detailed track and possibly obstacles. Not bad 3/5

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It was lovely, my dearest bovine.

It ended kind of abruptly, though. :(

MadCow responds:

ending songs is usually one of the hardest things for me to do for some reason. i can never think of a really fantastic way to end something, but yeh, thanks for the review.

A true work of art.

Kudos, my friend. You have created a masterpiece worthy of kings.

I loved it. ;)

Rad responds:

Really? Thanks Sarcasm! :3

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